World Anti-Counterfeit Day 2019 – What can Businesses Do Against the Counterfeit Market?

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Founded in 1998 by the Global Anti-Counterfeiting Group (GACG), World Anti-Counterfeit Day was created to raise awareness of the damages caused by counterfeiting and piracy.

The annual 315 Consumer Rights Day

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The World Consumer Rights Day (known as 315), which happens annually on 15 of March focus on problematic companies, especially those in industries that produce daily necessity products, such as clothing, food and pharmaceutical. i-Sprint’s AccessReal is a new generation anti-counterfeit, track and trace, and consumer marketing solution that aims to protect product identity.


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2013年 8月 29日に、i-Sprint は Partner Computrade Technology(Malaysia)Sdn Bhd「CTM」とともに、FST Media のエリート級のテクノロジー&イノベーション−「フィナンシャルサービスのセキュリティの未来」会議に参加しました……

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