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Product Introduction

YESsafe AppProtect+ detects and protects the mobile app from threats, such as reverse-engineering, tampering, code-injection and more. In an insecure OS environment, apps integrated with YESsafe AppProtect+ have rooted and jailbreak detection mechanisms that allow a mobile app to operate securely without compromising the app’s integrity and confidentiality.

Protecting apps even in the absence of an internet connection or without an updated virus database, AppProtect+ protects mobile apps against static and dynamic attacks (e.g. repackaging, source code modification), and respond by taking necessary measures when real-time attacks are detected during runtime.

Moreover, AppProtect+ is EMVCo SBMP certified. An EMVCo certified app solution ensures that mobile apps can withstand real-time threats and attacks.

Runtime App Self-Protection (RASP)

  • AppProtect+ isolates applications from the runtime environment to proactively scan and protect mobile apps against malicious attacks, allowing apps to run securely even on rooted/ jailbreak devices. E.g. upon detection of the presence of an untrusted screen reader, AppProtect+ blocks the screen reader from receiving data from the protected app.
  • The uniqueness of AppProtect+ lies in the ability to detect risks even in the absence of an internet connection. AppProtect+ can avoid possible risks caused by a desynchronized database.

Core Functions

App Shielding 

  • Protect your app against static and dynamic attacks, preventing tampering, reverse engineering and malware attacks
  • Detects and prevents real-time attacks. App shielding protects your app in any environment, including an untrusted environment

Code Protection

  • Code obfuscation conceals the logic and purpose of an app’s code, making it harder for an attacker to find vulnerabilities and retrieve sensitive app data
  • Code hardening renders your code illegible without affecting its functionality, making the app more resistant to reverse engineering and app tampering, protecting against intellectual property theft, loss of revenue and possible reputational damage

App Data Protection

  • Secure Local Storage (SLS) – a security feature that enables the storage of sensitive app data (e.g. session tokens, API keys) locally on the end-user devices in a secure and encrypted manner, even on rooted/ jailbreak devices
  • Secure Application ROM (SAROM) – Protects fixed assets inside your app, such as certificates and API keys. With SAROM, assets are automatically encrypted during shielding and only decrypted at application runtime when needed by the application code


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