Ultimate Anti-counterfeiting Solution to Protect Businesses and Buyers

Singapore Manufacturing Federation (SMF) has worked with i-Sprint Innovations (i-Sprint) to create a platform, SMF SMART, for Singapore manufacturing companies to have better control of their products’ movement in the markets, protect their brands especially in overseas markets and enhance their understanding of their buyers.

SMF Singapore Manufacturer’s Authentication Readiness Technology (SMART) is a cloud platform that provides anti-counterfeit, product track and trace, and consumer marketing solution. SMF SMART transform the individual product into a smart object by providing each with a unique identity. The unique identity enables the tracking of products, collecting of useful data, and protecting the transmission and storage with i-Sprint’s bank-grade technologies.

The key functions of SMF SMART:

Brand Protection/ Ease of counterfeit product detection

  • Empower consumer to verify the authenticity of their purchase easily
  • Ease for supply channel to identify the goods that are originally from the manufacturer

Track and trace supply channel

  • Product movement status in the channel
  • Product diversion/ grey market

Real-time Business Data

  • Consumer purchasing habit (e.g. when, where, what)
  • Product scan data (e.g. scan for enquiry, scan for authentication)

Consumer Loyalty Program

  • Push news to consumer via mobile app
  • Special offers to consumers who scan & authenticate products

SMF SMART comes with a mobile app for consumers to download and self check the authenticity of products supported by the solution. If you are Apple or Android user, please click on the respective icon to go to the app store.  Alternatively, for Android user, you may click here to download the apk for installation.


If you are interested to know more about SMF SMART solution and pricing, please fill up the below form and we will get in contact with you soon.