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The current proliferation of login IDs and passwords is becoming a serious issue in most organizations and is especially critical when customers are accessing multiple e-business systems. This problem can be attributed to a number of factors – including the heterogeneous computing environments in most large organizations and the lack of comprehensive and intuitive security features in most existing middle ware technologies, e.g. DCOM, CORBA and EJBs. These issues resulted in most software development teams building their own security sub-systems to handle authentication, access rights and audit trails for their business applications. Most of these home-grown, piecemeal solutions are usually not secure, re-usable or scalable.

From the security administration perspective, there have been a number of attempts by the industry to implement security administration models. Most of the current solutions suffer from a number of drawbacks and organizations with higher security standards usually resort to manual procedures to enforce segregation of duties and dual control, thus reducing the effectiveness of their security policies for high-risk applications.

In particular, we have to address the following requirements:

  • How do we efficiently manage thousands of different internal and external users, their credentials and privileges?
  • How do we reduce the number of login IDs/passwords for our users?
  • How do we efficiently enforce an enterprise-wide security policy in a large organization?
  • How do we support segregation of duties to prevent giving too much power to one person or functional role?
  • How do we achieve Single Sign On for e-business and other applications?

Since most business applications in large organizations do not share a common interoperable security system, addressing the security administration and application access issues is not possible without an integrated access management system. An access management system that provides consolidated login and access rights management features is thus becoming a key infrastructure component for all new and existing applications.

Our AccessMatrix Universal Access Management (UAM) can effectively address the complexity of managing secure access to your business applications and information assets. UAM promotes code reuse as all applications in the enterprise can share the same security services and infrastructure provided by providing a common set of APIs for application integration. Its ability to provide Single-Sign-On(SSO) improves user experience in accessing the applications.

The SSO feature also extends to desktop/non-web applications, which will greatly improve the accessibility and security administration process.

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