i-Sprint Won 7 Awards at 17th Annual 2021 Cyber Security Global Excellence Awards

By |2021-03-04T05:44:31+08:00March 4th, 2021|i-Sprint News|

The Globee® Awards, the organizer of 17th Annual 2021 Cyber Security Global Excellence Awards, announced on 2 March 2021 the winners, and i-Sprint Innovations (i-Sprint) was honored to receive 7.

List of Top Outstanding Cybersecurity Companies in Singapore By IT.Com.Sg

By |2021-01-04T07:51:40+08:00November 5th, 2020|i-Sprint News|

In the published article, stated that “Every company is never too tiny to have been a target of an assault on cybersecurity, it also happens to small to medium-sized enterprises......

Serious Android Flaw Identified, and most of the popular apps in APAC are vulnerable

By |2021-01-04T08:02:35+08:00December 3rd, 2019|i-Sprint News|

StrandHogg, a serious Android flaw, has been reported by BBC News and i-Sprint has found that most of the popular Android Apps in APAC are also vulnerable. StrandHogg can be very damaging and costly to Android users.

i-Sprint featured as one of the most trusted authentication solution providers 2019

By |2021-01-04T08:04:49+08:00May 9th, 2019|i-Sprint News|

i-Sprint Innovations, recently featured in "Insights success", an impeccable platform firmly focused on organizations of all sizes and sectors thriving in the business world. Our CEO, Mr. Dutch Ng gave an introduction on the background of i-Sprint, speaking about the core business of i-Sprint: ensuring secure access and ......

AccessReal New Partner – Xi’An Aerospace-Huayang

By |2021-01-04T08:04:33+08:00December 28th, 2018|i-Sprint News|

i-Sprint Innovations (i-Sprint)’s China office, An Xun Ben (AXB), signed a partnership with China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation’s subsidiary, Xi'An Aerospace-Huayang Mechanical & Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd (Huayang) to power Huayang in building a Brand Protection, and Track and Trace platform.

Hezhou Modern Agriculture Implemented AccessReal for Brand Protection

By |2021-01-04T08:07:30+08:00December 20th, 2018|i-Sprint News|

i-Sprint Innovation (i-Sprint)’s China Office, An Xun Ben (AXB), signed a co-oerpation agreement with Hezhou Modern Agriculture Co to build an anti-counterfeiting, and track and trace platform to protect their agriculture produce using AccessReal Solution.

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